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The Lifecycle of Social Justice: “A Day of Silence for Michael Brown” at Columbia Law School – Stage I: We hurt

I kneel from time to time. As black kids growing up, we’re taught to pick our battles. Some aggressions are worth actively fighting against, others we learn to bear. When someone confuses me with the only other black female in a room, I politely correct him, and kneel. When a potential employer stresses his commitment to diversity and in the same breath defends his firm’s lack of diversity, I nod, feigning understanding, and kneel. When a Columbia “Public Safety” Officer is dubious about my status as a […]

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Reflections on Ferguson

Protesters in Ferguson, MO. Photo by Jamelle Bouie // Licensed under CC2 “Our generation has the memories of the unpunished murders of Schwainey, Goodley, and of Medgar Evers. There are going to be no more unpunished murders.” -Stokely Carmichael, civil rights activist and originator of the term “Black Power.” Stokely Carmichael spoke those words almost 50 years ago. But the unpunished murders of black people have not stopped—they’ve evolved. Michael Brown’s murder, Jordan Davis’ murder, Eric Garner’s murder—these are nothing new. The extrajudicial murder of black people is built on a centuries-old foundation of white supremacy and propagated fear of blackness. I’m...

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Gravity’s Rainbow: A Remembrance of Jackson Alberts, CLS ‘15

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