Author: Daniel Klein

Right All Along

Right All Along Back when I was seventeen My friend started dating this girl— I tried my best to intervene, But my friend, he gave it a whirl. This girl had quite a reputation For “making the rounds” here and there; It seemed that her foreign relations Were never quite laissez faire. I said to him: “Okay, she’s hot, But dumb enough to eat dung on toast! Of certain things she’s got a lot, But brains, she’s dull as a post.” “Not on toast,” he said with a laugh, “But as you so said with less style, What she...

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The Prisoner

The Prisoner The innocent prisoner Sits on his bare mattress on its stark metal frame Alone, watching the dust swirl and settle And it reminds him of home. The innocent prisoner Sees a ray of light shining through the window Creating a sliver of light on the cold stone floor Just like on his wooden floor at home. He begs, he pleads, He cries alone in his cell He roars his outrage at the injustice that he has been served To no avail. He melts to the ground, Unable to accept the finality of his fate For fear that...

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A Likely Story

A Likely Story I once joined the furies In their claw-footed bathtub, blowing Pink, strawberry scented bubbles between Their asparagus-lined teeth. The bottle Said ‘No Tears’, but I cried like an armadillo With a deflated balloon wrapped about its waist. I’ve had a grown waffle Erupt from the drain after its previous owner Flushed it down the toilet the week before – a breakfast ever forgotten, never avenged. Songs flowed like syrup from its checkered boxes And lingered there like the Antarctic sun: “Pancakes are inferior, Cooked without a grid. A waffle is superior, Just ask any kid…” Like...

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