Author: Elie Tawil

Album Reviews: Past, Present, and Future

Music takes up a large part of my day – I listen to music in the morning when I wake up, during my daily workouts, when I commute up to school, in between classes, and on the subway ride home.  When I read for class or for pleasure, there is usually an album on in the background.  I’m commonly asked: where do I find all this music?  Well, in all sorts of places!  Like anyone, I have a collection of my favorite albums that I have accumulated over the years.  To supplement those, I try to keep track of...

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Best Unknown Albums of 2013

I recently compiled a list of my favorite albums from the last year or so.  But rather than write about some of the more well-known artists who released albums this year (like Drake, Daft Punk, or Beyoncé), I thought it more fun to tell you about a few albums I just happened to stumble upon.  These albums are not as popular as those mentioned above, but I assure you they are just as enjoyable.  Here are a few albums to check out: Postiljonen: Skyer The title of Swedish pop trio Postiljonen’s (pronounced Post-ill-yo-nen) debut album is spot on.  “Skyer”...

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Gravity’s Rainbow: A Remembrance of Jackson Alberts, CLS ‘15

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