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A Look Inside My CLS Bag: Joy Chua

Nelson Hua / Morningside Muckraker Name: Joy Chua Hometown: Manila, Philippines Undergraduate school: Brown University Inside My Bag: The most ridiculous place that I’ve taken this backpack is probably the law school library because when it’s filled with casebooks and other law school-related material, I have to perform acrobatics to get through the restrictively narrow turnstiles. The place I’d like to take this backpack is on a safari from the Masai Mara of Kenya to the Serengeti in Tanzania. I got this pencil pouch as a gift from a friend during finals period. It’s eerie how accurately the pouch describes my general mindset when in JG (luckily...

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A Legal Lion’s Livery: Morgan Petkovich & Adam Moss

It’s February. I’m over it. I think I speak for most of us when I say…cold weather is so last season, and I’m looking forward to seeing NYC in spring. Take comfort! The weather apparently sucks everywhere—even the Oscars red carpet, hosted in Hollywood, was rained upon. Still, there is something about the Academy Awards that makes the freezing cold temperatures feel just a little bit warmer. I love watching them, and have every year since I can first remember. The best part will always be the red carpet show. For the past 23 years, my Mom and I have […]

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A Look Inside My CLS Bag: Jerry Tower

Name: Jerry Tower Hometown: Erial, NJ Undergraduate School: The College of New Jersey Inside My Bag: The most important thing about your backpack in law school is: 1) that it is blue, and 2) that it is small enough to pretend it doesn’t have enough room to carry casebooks. The essentials that I can’t live without and always seem to bring with me are: Headphones, iPhone charger, and an impossible amount of cat fur. (Seriously, my cat sheds on everything I own). The strangest place that I took this bag is definitely JG because I really only bought it because this was the last […]

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A Legal Lion’s Livery: Mayra Joachin & Phil Cushing

Maybe it’s because Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas not far behind, but I’m feeling a little nostalgic. This usually happens to me every year—about the same time Starbucks resurrects those beautiful little red cups out of some mysterious stock room like clockwork. I really love those little red cups. The holiday season makes me want to wrap myself in the white fluffy blanket that my grandmother knitted me when I was a little girl, dig up old photos of my cousins and I playing games in my backyard and slip on my fiancé’s coziest oversized winter...

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A Look Inside My CLS Backpack: Melanie Jolson

Photography by Nelson Hua Name: Melanie Jolson Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota Undergraduate School: Brandeis University Inside My Bag: The thing that I love most about my classic black tote bag is: How classic it is. I needed the perfect bag for EIP and I had a few 3L friends help me pick this one out. It is structured, so it stood up on its own on the floor, it fits everything I need in it and it is beautiful without being too much. The essentials that I can’t manage living without and always seem to bring with me everywhere are: Chapstick,...

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