Author: Innominate

The Eclipse

Bodies bound to worlds apart Daylight may reach in vain, Never to touch the nightly realm Nor share the same celestial plane; These laws of nature cannot change. Yet then, every now and again Orbits rebel and bend, And in briefest blink two paths cross Chemistry burns and schisms mend, As they meet amongst the heavens. High above the world they sit, Mr. Sun all ablaze, Ms. Moon glowing, serene and sure And embracing him with fixing gaze, Removes her coat of ink and stars. Eyes connect in warm caress As tension fills the air, At last he takes...

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Morning Mirage

Even though she could be a bitch, inward inclined and, at times, lost in her mind when he awoke to find the long dark hair and warm skin of last night’s mistake sleeping beside him for a surreal nanosecond he thought he was back in her room and, energized, ran burning fingers down an alabaster spine. But when the girl turned around it wasn’t her and he smiled a glass facade, the moment shattering into microscopic cracks visible only in a sigh of synapses trickling through his neurons. Illustrated by Minji Reem...

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Time’s Imponderable

The cigarettes were creeping into the husk of her voice it reminded me of smoking as a schoolboy maybe that’s why I liked her; she reminded me of salad days – of dreams and passions, of creativity and freedom; I wondered how the great poets did it – Did they, like Coleridge, escape on opium? Were they, as Donne, high on God? Or, like Byron, ensconced in youth and flesh? Perhaps they simply never lost their awe. The wine and high fructose corn syrup were starting to inch across her belly, down her limbs; I loved the weight of...

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Black Magic

Expelled that night from crimson lips ashen ghosts lounge in slumber smoky tendrils aloft midnight garb they stir, and dance, and wander, creeping cancerous in whispering ships curling down corridors to greet the lungs, I inhale her deathly perfume kiss. Transfixed, I drink her in again, a canopy of obsidian strands frames her pallid icy skin, layered thick with paint (her face just another canvass for gifted hands to recreate) I would suck toxins from her tongue if I could peel it all away and bathe in her unadorned...

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Seraphim on the Subway

One icy eve beneath starless sky down subway veins steel boxes fly their cargo clasping together faces dry with street-weathered sighs wrapped around metal in fleshy vines gently, they shift and sway like clothes drying on washing lines.   It was here among this creaking crew I saw her standing, fey and fair with almond eyes and ghostly hair but in a moment the doors exhaled bodies pushed and pulled and flailed she was gone, and it would seem but the lingering memory of a...

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