Author: Levon Golendukhin

The Adventures of Captain Damos Part X: Crete

Illustrated by Minji Reem The feel of certainty restored, By solid ground beneath our legs, We soon forgot the seas that roared, That tossed us ’round like wine cask dregs. Instead we cast our sights ahead, Upon the flame-wrought city’s folk, Who long had been our friends, ’twas said, Whose welcomes now appeared to choke. Some distance on, a villa stands, The walls besmirched with filthy soot, For through the town thick smoke commands, And stamps on marble white its foot. But from within this villa old, One hears two voices talking deep, In likeness of their owners bold,...

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The Adventures of Captain Damos Part IX: Spartans of the Sea

Illustrated by Minji Reem Within the Captain’s cabin warm, The crew awaits the orders new; We pirates round the table swarm, As Sockeye’s tools his map review. At times out past the ship he’d glance, While marking points into his book, Most likely plotting our stance, To chart a passage better took. At last he sets the compass back, And places, too, his quill aside, As Damos slowly scans the track, Attempting his concern to hide. “The seasons have us at a loss, For in this warmth the winds are strong, And by their whims our ship they’ll toss,...

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The Adventures of Captain Damos Part VIII: Loot

Illustrated by Minji Reem We’re rummaging through treasures bare; Our grimy hands they mar the shine Of golden coins, of silverware, Of jewelled goblets sculpted fine. And from this wealth of distant kin, The hand of Lawrence pulls away; A signet ring it holds within, Upon his finger meant to stay. With envy, Morgan eyes his ring, As for herself she reaches too, And with a necklace tight a-clench, So just as quick her hand withdrew. The rest of us then follow suit, Each fistful brings new jewels rare, Like savages, each claims his loot— The only way we know...

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The Adventures of Captain Damos – Part VII: Commander Nielsen

Illustrated by Minji Reem As planks extend between the ships, A booming voice now fills the air, Our Captain’s will, like cracking whips, Bears down on Dutchmen in despair. As though she knows that all is done, The Dutchmen’s frigate’s flags hang lame, A sight her christeners would shun, For there she rests, the Bloodhound tame. Our Captain stands across a man, Commander Nielsen is his name, Outwitted by the Captain’s plan, His visage stern and cold of shame. Aboard the fluyt the leaders stand, As Nielsen tries to mask concern, Since Damos has the upper hand, In granting...

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The Adventures of Captain Damos Part VI: Manoeuvres

“Look, Lawrence, see you through this lens The cannon setup on their ship? Their guns are placed in low suspense, The foe ships’ hulls apart to rip. Those heavy weapons slow their pace, And pull their vessel deeper down. If round the fluyt our ship we race, This battle we can turn around!” So caught our sails the starboard draft, As with each gust we gather pace, And nearing fast the cargo craft, Forsaking combat for a race. The lightness of the Phoebe’s frame, Quite weak against a hit direct, It gives the ship its speed and fame For...

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