Author: Luis Gabriel Hoyos

The Lifecycle of Social Justice: “A Day of Silence for Michael Brown” at Columbia Law School – Stage II: We react

We debated our options regarding the structure of the protest, aware of the few hours available to plan. Someone suggested we wear all black, but we had done that already just the week before. It felt insufficient; it was insufficient. A sit-in or a rally would be too disruptive, not to mention impossible to plan and schedule on such short notice. But what about silence? Covering our mouths with duct tape would allow us to protest peacefully. It would also enable our members to actively opt-in to participate throughout the day, whenever and however it was convenient for them[…]

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Photo provided by Luis Gabriel Hoyos Following Michael Brown’s death on Saturday, August 9, unarmed and with his hands over his head, protestors gathered to express their outrage about the incident. They marched peacefully, and yet they were met with tear gas and rubber bullets on Wednesday night of the same week. Several journalists among them were also arrested despite their peaceful efforts to cover the story. The response raised concerns about police brutality and threats to all citizens’ First Amendment rights. As students at one of preeminent law school with a responsibility to social justice, as conscientious citizens,...

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