Author: Madiba K. Dennie

Let’s Talk About Sex(ual Assault)

Illustrated by Minji Reem “You have worked hard to get here.” With just seven words, Interim Dean Robert Scott robbed me of whatever trust he tried to build with respect to Columbia’s institutional response to sexual assault. A little over a month ago, we law students received an email from Dean Scott addressing the university’s efforts to prevent and respond to gender-based violence. To many, this e-mail and the countless others we’ve received in the past few months were too little, too late.  A cold comfort for the students who had brought lawsuits against our university to force its...

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The 2L Summer Socialite’s Guide to Big Law

I don’t really have any interest in working at a firm. Like, at all. When my moot court team did superlatives, one of mine was “Most Likely to Go to Big Law for the Sole Purpose of Quitting on the First Day.” (I was unreasonably pleased about this.) But I’ll concede, when you guys mobile upload pictures of your free Michelin star-worthy lunches, I scroll through my newsfeed with hungry eyes. But I’ve found the way to keep my stomach full as well as my soul. And that is: the “plus one.” I have really good friends at firms...

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My Sassy Black Blog Is Not Enough

If you’ve been around me for roughly five minutes, you likely know that I’m pretty addicted to liveblogging.  Make that ten minutes and I’ll probably start trying to talk to you about systemic inequality – particularly focusing on issues surrounding race and gender.  #socialjustice.  Thus there was an approximately 100% chance that I would update my Tumblr live from the dinner table at last week’s Paul Robeson Gala.  I had expected to get inspired by some speakers (I did), celebrate BLSA’s accomplishments for the year (I did that too), and have a glass or three of wine (definitely did...

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Gravity’s Rainbow: A Remembrance of Jackson Alberts, CLS ‘15

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