Author: Minji Reem

Letter From the Editor: Welcome Aboard the Morningside Aeroplane

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard the Morningside Aeroplane. We are thrilled you will be joining us on this Muckin’ grand adventure today. Below your seats you will find your aviation helmet, goggles, and the latest issue of the Morningside Muckraker – Issue 5: The Summer 2014 Travel Edition. We have quite the itinerary prepared for you. We’ll first be flying to Seoul, Geneva, and Paris to visit your fellow classmates and hear about their summer experiences abroad. Be prepared to bowl all your stresses away, to get inspired by top-notch jazz, and, of course, to entice your palate with some...

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Hello from the Fishbowl: The Art of Recklessness

Sunday evening in New York is Monday morning in Seoul. And so, when I call my mother for our weekly phone calls, she often steps out into the emergency stairwell of her office, and listens (with supernatural patience) to my incoherent monologues – monologues about all the “storms” inside my head, fueled by violent winds of conflicts and uncertainties about my career, my every day life, and my personal life. A few weeks ago, amid one these monologues of mine, she told me something that shed light on the origin of these “storms”: “You know, when you were little,...

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Letter From the Editor: And All That Muckin’ Jazz

I love jazz, and I could talk for days about all the reasons why. My favorite part of it, though, lies in the brief, yet critical moments between chord progressions when improvising – namely, the transitional notes. Transitional notes in a jazz solo depict the musician’s unique interpretation of the relationship between the incoming and outgoing chord progressions. Ideally, she would want the two to blend together nicely, but not without a tinge of tension – just the perfect amount of it to create a sense of anticipation towards what she plans to make of the next set of...

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Gravity’s Rainbow: A Remembrance of Jackson Alberts, CLS ‘15

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