Author: Nicole Tortoriello

Booked: February Favorites

“Eleanor & Park“ by Rainbow Rowell (St. Martin’s Press) Reading a novel after several intense hours slogging through your casebooks is something many law students wouldn’t consider fun. Before law school, many of us enjoyed poring over the newest literary fiction or a hefty nonfiction book in our spare time. After reading for class became a chore, the thought-provoking and linguistically-challenging books we used to enjoy just seemed like more work. If you feel this way, let me make a suggestion – you need lighter reading material. The Young Adult (“YA”) genre is particularly suited to the law student’s literary...

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Booked: The Muckraker’s Winter Reading List

Songs of Willow Frost, by Jamie Ford (Random House) William Eng, a Chinese American orphan in Depression-era Seattle, is told his mother will never return from the sanitarium to reclaim him from the Sacred Heart Orphanage. When he sees his mother in a movie on his twelfth birthday, he questions everything the nuns have told him. Along with his friend Charlotte, who has a troubled past of her own, William sets off to find his “ah-ma.”  As the novel progresses we learn the heartbreaking story of how Liu Song lost her son and became the film star Willow Frost. “Songs of...

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