Author: Samantha Wishman

Six of One, a Half Dozen of Another: Why Taking the Road Less Travelled By Has Made All the Difference

I was asked to write this article because some may call my path unconventional: I took only two lecture classes after 1L, didn’t apply for law review, didn’t apply for clerkships, and was cold-called less than 5 times in my last two years. I was also a teaching assistant for three professors, was a Bobbitt section head preceptor, went to Cuba with my seminar class, did 5,000 pages of extra reading for a certificate in Gender and Sexuality (which I never got because I didn’t schedule my oral exam), and started the Muckraker. But as I […]

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The Inside Scoop: The Stories Behind the 2014 PILF Honoree Nominations

Last year, Stephanie Grajales, 3L, and I co-chaired the Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF) Auction.  Among other accomplishments, we introduced a new concept to bring the students who benefit from the money raised front and center at the auction: Public Interest Honorees. By celebrating the public interest work these students had done, we hoped to elevate the importance of public interest work in our community. Students nominated their peers, and at the auction we featured them in a slideshow, crowned them, and entered them into a raffle for $100 toward any auction item. This year, PILF Auction Co-Chairs Lane...

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Behind the Scenes: How Ilene Strauss and 12 Students Created CLS’s First Writing Center

Since beginning her work as Director of Legal Writing Programs two years ago, Ilene Strauss has looked for ways to make Columbia Law School graduates better writers. So, this fall, she recruited 12 Writing Center Fellows to found the Writing Center, a hub for students to help their peers learn and improve their legal writing. While the Center was Strauss’ idea, the students who were selected to be Fellows created the structure and curriculum of the program. Beginning in October, the Fellows offered one-on-one conferences in their JG 821 office to provide feedback on specific pieces of legal writing,...

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Letter From the Editor

At the time I was relieved that I didn’t have to write a “why law school” essay for my application.  I had a hard enough time answering the question persuasively for myself, and had settled on an explanation of the ways a law degree might help me do all the other things I wanted to do with my life. But in my 1L year I wondered if I had really come to law school because I was afraid of pursuing those other things. In the middle of a panicked night I wrote a declaration to my college writing professor: I...

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Gravity’s Rainbow: A Remembrance of Jackson Alberts, CLS ‘15

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