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GUYS AND DOLLS: IT’S MUCKIN’ PARTY TIME!!! Join THE MUCKRAKER at the MORNINGSIDE SPEAKEASY on 4/2, 8PM to 11PM, for a night of FORBIDDEN FUN – featuring live jazz, a vintage photo booth, and other swingin’ festivities! Get your tickets NOW at (unlimited beer, wine and hors d’oeuvres; $2 cocktails for purchase) 20s attire welcomed. ****The first 50 cats to purchase tickets will receive an original, limited-edition, hand-made collector’s...

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Apply to the Morningside Muckraker!

2014 – 2015 Application Please email the following application to: by MONDAY, 9/22   Name: Email: Class Year: 1. Why do you want to join the CLS Muckraker? What role do you want to play in the magazine? 2. Please describe any background or interest that you may have in journalism or media. 3. Suggest 2 article ideas! 4. Please send us a sample of your...

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Soapbox: Making the Case about Microaggression Campaigns

In the last issue of the Muckraker, Paul Chander wrote a piece called Don’t Be Gliberal in which he argued that, “students’ current campaign to call out microaggressions reveals an almost-eagerness to wallow in (often misinterpreted) victimization and retreat into siloed tribalism, rather than a willingness to educate with maturity so that all students can learn and grow together.” Microaggressions have been a topic of debate on campuses and in the media, and Paul was taking a stance that deviated from the prevailing wisdom held by others who see themselves as similarly committed to racial and social justice. Paul’s writing provoked a contentious response...

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Gravity’s Rainbow: A Remembrance of Jackson Alberts, CLS ‘15

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