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From the Archives: Law News Plan Stresses Social and Legal Research

Columbia’s Law School News was a monthly print newspaper that ran from 1947 until 2003.  The archives of the Law School News can be found in Diamond Law Library.  Each issue, we will re-print an article from the archives. Did you know that in 1964 Columbia Law started writing program on what they called “legal research and investigative reporting” and we would call the art of muckraking? _____________ Law News Plan Stresses Social and Legal Research February 17, 1964 By Jack Blum The faculty has approved a Law School News writing program which will combine legal research and investigative reporting. Writing credit will be...

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Dear Justice: Is EIP for Me?

Dear Justice, I went into law school thinking that I was headed toward public interest work, but now that interviews are happening, those summer associate jobs look really tempting. I mean, who would turn down five figures? But when I told my best friend, who’s studying for his Master of Social Work, about my change-of-heart, he called me a sell-out. It was a joke, but it cut. How do I square the siren call of money and the chance to lighten some of that student debt with my desire to contribute to the general welfare? Holmes, J. I will...

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Table of Contents

Newsstand Law School News  Dean Search More Inclusive Than in Years Past by ZAHREEN GHAZNAVI Focus Groups Address Challenges Facing CLS by MAX HIRSCH Pale, Male, Yale: Diversifying the Walls of Columbia Law School by SAMANTHA WISHMAN  Columbia Had First Law School Paper by YOONJI WOO AND STEPHANIE GRAJALES   My CLS  Why I Competed in the Stone Moot Court Competition and You Should Too by MAX HIRSCH Making Diversity My Initiative as University Senator by ZILA ACOSTA “To see what names he would give them:” An HRIP Summer on the West Bank by TOCHI ONYEBUCHI Student Group Spotlight: High School Law Institute by TAYLOR HARTSTEIN    Talk of the Toaster  Dear Justice: Advice on Love, Life, and Law by THE MORNINGSIDE MUCKRAKER A Legal Lion’s Livery: Mindy Lin & Adrian Ntwatwa by ERICA NAVARRO  XOXO, Lawsip Girl by RAYNA REID   Lawyer’s Digest  Reviewed: Final Judgment on Three Oscar Contenders by TOCHI ONYEBUCHI  Booked: The Muckraker’s Winter Reading List by NICOLE TORTORIELLO   Opinion Forum  ORANGE SODA Introducing the Morningside Muckraker by SAMANTHA WISHMAN Query: What Does “Muckraking” Mean to You? by THE MORNINGSIDE MUCKRAKER Letters to the Editor   Op-Eds  Envisioning Excellence: Using the Dean Search Process as an Opportunity for Collaborative Institution-Building by MIGUEL GRADILLA Overcoming Money Addiction: Why Lawyers Should Kick the Habit by ROHAN GREY  Learning How to Lawyer for Social Change as a 2L by PAUL CHANDER Socrates and His Absence from the Land of the Ganges: Comparing Teaching Methods from India to the U.S. by KAUSTUV BANJEREE Columns Apply to Be a Columnist!    The Monocle Poached Eggs & Perspectives by...

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