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Apply to Be a Columnist!

A column is an opinion piece of 700-900 words that expresses a clearly articulated opinion and explores a common thread from issue to issue. This thread must be related to law school or law.  The columnist is free to define “related to” however he or she choses, although we hope the definition is persuasive. Columnists are responsible for writing pieces for each of the Morningside Muckraker‘s monthly issues. Please email your application to with the subject “Columnist Application” no later than January 13.   All CLS students are encouraged to apply. Application 1. Please explain the common thread that would run...

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Dear Justice: Advice on Love, Life, and Law

Dear Justice,  Here’s my issue: When I signed up for seat #14, I did not know that he’d be in #15. What started as obligatory small talk about 1L year, the weather, and the endless pizza lunches somehow turned into a date…I think. The other day #15 asked me out for bubble tea. I don’t know whether he meant it romantically or just as a friend. If he meant it romantically I will have to decline since I just want to concentrate on my studies, but I’m afraid it’ll make the whole sitting next to me thing very awkward. What do we do?                                     ~ Awkwardly Sitting in #14   Cardozo, J. Intention not otherwise revealed may be presumed to hold in contemplation the reasonable and probable. If something else is in view, it must not be left to implication. This is merely to say that it is the duty of a reasonable seat partner to make his intentions clear, if they incline amorously. We think, however, that it would expend very little and even tend toward prudence to make the implicit explicit where the costs are inappreciable. Reasonable inference may conclude that for the other party there may also be a less than pellucid view of the proceedings. The order should be...

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Post on Our Bulletin

The Morningside Muckraker hopes to cover issues and events about which all CLS members should be informed and involved. We are extremely excited about this opportunity and hope you share our enthusiasm. With that in mind, we want to work with all of you to make sure the Muckraker is enhancing student life by updating our readers about news and events at CLS. The Bulletin is the Muckraker‘s blog, which will feature content generated by student groups. If your group is sending out an email to the school promoting an event or initiative, send it to and we’ll post...

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Gravity’s Rainbow: A Remembrance of Jackson Alberts, CLS ‘15

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