Author: Tochi Onyebuchi

Boy Boxes Bear

Suspension. Expulsion. Leave of absence. Time off. Or a simple evaporation. As the rhythm of classes resumes, as the vacuity left by the student’s disappearance refills, a certainty niggles: he couldn’t hack it. She was weak, and their weakness was some failure of personal constitution. Soon after Adam Lanza’s name appeared in the news during the fall of 1L, mental illness was dragged once again into the spotlight. Less a dialogue than folks on both sides of the church aisle screaming their own right-ness. We were supposed to have a vocabulary for discussing these things. Where […]

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The Autumn Effect

In a recent conversation with the Girl, I remarked on all the errands I’d been able to run over the first half-week of my time in Paris. Insurance details, getting a working mobile phone, grocery shopping, prepping for school, meeting friends who’d been waiting for me here, buying some clothes, figuring out metro stuff, etc. And we both looked at the list, once enumerated, with wonder. I realized then that it’d have been impossible for me to do this all in New York, especially within this compressed timeframe. Her eyebrows rose even further at the realization that all of...

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Movie Guide: The Tribeca Film Festival Edition

“Maravilla,” dir. Juan Pablo Cadaveira On June 4 at Madison Square Garden, Middleweight boxer Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez will defend his WBC Middleweight Championship belt against 3-division former world champion Miguel Cotto. The 39-year-old Argentinian southpaw is the odds-on favorite. “Maravilla” begins in 2011 with Martinez’s sanguine victory over Kelly Pavlik and his subsequent coronation as Middleweight Champion of the World Boxing Council, The Ring Magazine and the World Boxing Organization. Controversy dovetails neatly with the arrival of contender Julio César Chavez, Jr. and accusations of nepotism in a sport already leaden with allegations of corruption and back-room dealing. Martinez loses his WBC...

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The Muckraker’s March Movie Guide

Everything Is Awesome: The LEGO Movie When was the last time you left the theater, infected by the boundless joy of the movie you just watched? Maybe what happened when the credits began rolling on the rollicking, charming, and fun LEGO movie was that the last of the Oscar doldrums had been washed away. Spring thaw. No existential despair prompted by floating soundlessly into the void of outer space. No more mandates to keep your crew safe from pirates who have resorted to piracy in order to feed their families. No more crises of postmodernity embodied in the sultriest...

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The City and The City, Palestine Pt. 3

Tochi Onyebuchi, CLS ’15, received a summer grant from Columbia Law School’s Human Rights Internship Program and spent ten weeks, during the summer of 2013, in the West Bank. He worked with a prisoners’ rights organization based out of Ramallah as efforts to revive peace talks had reached their highest pitch. This is part 3 in a series of essays he wrote about his time there. _________________ I have a few phones here. There’s the small brick I purchased in Amman, fitted with its Zain sim card. That served me well across the Allenby Bridge and at the border...

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Gravity’s Rainbow: A Remembrance of Jackson Alberts, CLS ‘15

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