Author: Yoonji Woo

Letter From the Editor: The Art of Moving Forward

Moving forward can be difficult. It may be because we are wed to our past in ways that define us today, leaving us afraid of changing anything because we don’t know how that will change us; or it may be because we dwell in the past hoping that things will get better without having to put in the effort to move forward. Just as keeping the status quo is comfortable, moving forward can be uncomfortable. But moving forward is sometimes necessary in order to thrive, if not to survive. It is important to understand that moving forward is different...

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Letter from the Editor: The Art of Self-Discovery

There are different dimensions of identity embedded within every personality. For us law students, there is the typical external law school identity of being logical, intense, responsible, type-A, “thinking” and “judging” in the Myers-Briggs personality breakdown, tabbing statutes and color-coding calendars. But there is also the passionate, heart-led, justice-inspired emotional side of the law student’s identity, which may be buried under the weight of casebooks and cold calls—a side rarely disclosed, if not intentionally hidden. It is also worth mentioning that there may be parts of yourself that you have not yet discovered to be a part of your...

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CLS to Participate in University-wide Sexual Respect Initiative

Nelson Hua / Morningside Muckraker Every CLS student is now required to participate in the university-wide sexual respect initiative entitled “Sexual Respect & Community Citizenship,” as was announced by Dean Lester’s email earlier this month. In order to participate in the initiative, students must formally register and complete one of the options via the CourseWorks portal. In addition to the law school-specific program components, CLS students will have access to all of the University’s resources. Sexual respect is hardly a new subject for schools receiving federal funding, especially as the law requires such educational institutions to provide assistance to...

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Amicus Curiae, In re 1L

Illustrated by Minji Reem (Original Photograph by Nolan Thomas) Dear 1Ls, It is November. I don’t recall much of last November other than the increasingly miserable weather, but I do remember it being when I, a then-1L, slowly started losing my mind. November 1Ls are a completely different breed from August 1Ls. August 1Ls are generally friendly and enthusiastic; after all, they are passionately charged with the energy to change the world, being in one of the world’s best schools and best cities. November 1Ls are not as friendly or as enthusiastic, and understandably so. They have started to confront...

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Gravity’s Rainbow: A Remembrance of Jackson Alberts, CLS ‘15

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